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As a marketer who crossed over to the supplier side, I became determined to establish standards that ensure ultimate accuracy and reliability in all of our data.

Ziv Stern, CEO Panelview.

Who We Are?

PanelView is a member of a group of leading research companies – one of the largest and most comprehensive Market Research specialists in Israel, and a household name in the field.

We specialize in data collection services, using all methods: online, telephone, mobile, face-to-face, and emotions measurement. As the only group to offer a complete range of data collecting tools, we provide a multi-mode methodology of mixed research methods. Our online panel is one of the largest and consists of more than 100,000 respondents with dozens of profiles.

ESOMAR Members

We adhere to the industry’s quality code of conduct in everything we do.


Who We Serve?

Market research companies

Global data collection firms

International brands


Organizations and institutes


Our Group

C.I Marketing Research

One of Israel’s largest market research and consumer survey companies, with more then 20-year track record. It employs 300 staff and 60 research professionals. The company is a member of ESOMAR and the Israeli Association of Research Institutes.

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A developer of sophisticated research tools and technologies. The company is currently focused on developing innovative neuro-marketing research technology that can be instantly implemented in consumer panels, in order to achieve quick, reliable and cost-effective results.


Specialize in data collection services in all methods: online, telephone, mobile and face-to face-interviews. Since its inception in 2010 PanelView has become a market leader and one of the largest panels in Israel with more than 30% market share. PanelView’s online panel consists of more than 100,000 carefully crafted respondents.

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…credible and accurate data, high-levels of support, uncompromising standards and competitive pricing?

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