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All Data Collection Tools Under One Roof

Online Panel

We give you access to one of the largest, most authentic and reliable consumer panel available in Israel. Our team of experts is experienced in working to international standards, and will assist you in achieving your goals with superior data quality and within your budget limits.

Main Features

  • One of the largest with more than 100,000 members.
  • More than 80 demographic and behavioral attributes.
  • Adhering to the ESOMAR’s code of conduct.
  • All members have participated in at least 1 survey in the last year.
  • Representative sample: covers all sectors and regions.
  • Multi-cultural panel, represent both Arab and Russian sectors.
  • Sophisticated controls to ensure data reliability.
  • Surveys are available in any chosen language.

Mobile Surveys

More than 50% of the survey takers are using their smartphones. That’s why our surveys are specifically adapted for smartphones and tablets. It has a simplified presentation, comfortable buttons and touch-screen capabilities where appropriate.

Main Features

  • Provide instant insights and feedback.
    Responsive design, adaptable to every small screen.
  • Device-agnostic design enables the same experience on desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.
  • Designed to stimulate participation among mobile users.
  • Surveys are available in any chosen language.

Face-to-Face Interviews

If you need to elaborate, use visual aids or run sensory tests, we have a network of experienced interviewers deployed all over the country, covering all sectors and in a variety of languages.

Main Features

  • Skilled interviewers, who are masters of the techniques of probing respondents with open-ended questions.
  • Use of technology and rich media data for deeper insights.
  • Experienced in drawing out insights from hard-to-reach groups.
    Using check-backs, QA control processes to ensure data quality.
  • Survey types: street and mall intercepts, sensory researches, door-to-door interviews, in-depth interviews, mystery shopping and more.

Phone Interviews

Our phone service meets the highest quality standards in the field and has high response rates. Our team’s expertise is in probing special groups, reaching businesses and conducting customer satisfaction research.

Main Features

  • 60 call stations and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.
  • Random sampling or by special requirements.
  • Experience in B2B, B2C, skilled in the leading conversation flow.
  • Supervised calls, online monitoring, and production tracking.
  • Multilingual – interviews in Israel’s 4 main languages.
  • Quality assurance – proofreading and encoding open questions.

In cooperation with RealEyes

Emotion Measurement

In co-operation with RealEyes, we provide marketers with a tool that assesses creativity before the campaign is launched. The facial expressions of the user are captured by his webcam.  From there, it is analyzed by AI technology and immediately provides a 75% accurate prediction of success.

Main Features

  • Protects your investment in media and creative development.
  • Real-time results, starting from 3 hours.
  • Fits any platform and device, desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • For adverts, video clips, packaging, concepts and more.
  • Predicts emotional engagement and purchase intent.

Multi-mode Data Collection

Your research may require a mix of several data collection methods; an online panel, phone and/or face-to-face interviews. This can maximize your survey response rate, compensate weaknesses of other tools and allow access to hard-to-reach audiences.

As the only company to offer a complete in-house range of data collecting tools, we provide the flexibility to mix and match research methods into an optimally customized combination.

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