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Extensive, Engaged and Balanced Panel

High-quality Data

We offer you access to one of the largest, most authentic and reliable consumer panels available in Israel.

Our team of experts is experienced in working with international standards. They will assist you to achieve your research goals with unparalleled data quality and within your budget.

Panel at a Glance

  • Large Panel
    One of the largest with more than 100,000 members.
  • In-Depth Profiling
    More than 80 demographic and behavioral attributes.
  • ESOMAR Members
    Adhering to the ESOMAR’s code of conduct.
  • Active Panelists
    Panel members participating in at least 1 survey per year.
  • Coverage
    Closely representative of the population, covering all sectors and regions.
  • Multi-cultural Panel
    The panel represents both the Arab and Russian sectors.
  • Authenticated
    Comprehensive data cleansing methods to ensure data reliability.


Population Representation

Our panel members come from all over the country, providing excellent coverage of Israel and its socio-demographic, as closely as possible to the population census.

Wide-set of Attributes

Our panel covers the entire Israeli demographic, enabling you to find the right target groups for your market research study.

Your sample can be tightly profiled, even for ultra-specific, low-incidence target groups.


Demographic and Behavioral Attributes:
Age, gender, region, income, ethnicity, household size, marital status, education, lifestyle, buying preferences and more.

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Quality Controls

We consistently monitor survey-taking behaviors throughout their entire lifecycle, and sustain motivation with periodic incentive campaigns.

  • We use both automatic and manual methods to remove duplicates, low-quality and inactive users.
  • We verify the identity, plausibility and response behaviour.
  • We ensure that no respondent can enter a survey twice.
  • Careful panel management to reduce panelist fatigue.

Why Our Online Panel?

Rapid completion of quota sampling

A large panel with reasonable sample sizes.

Reaching any target group

A wide-set of demographics and behavioral attributes.

Real results from real people

Fresh, motivated and monitored panelists.

Higher quality in less cost

We are an agile and efficient company, able to provide cost effective pricing.

Data collection professionals

We are a skilled and supportive team, experienced in delivering data to leading global firms.

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