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PanelView and its other companies are one of the largest and most comprehensive Market Research specialists in Israel. Within the group we cover the four corners of data collection: online, telephone, mobile and face-to-face. This integrated capability is a unique asset.

our origin

Our origins

We were established in 2010 when the other companies in our group, unable to find a data collection company that suited their stringent demands, created their own. Within a short time our company flourished and expanded its operations, becoming a predominant supplier on the Israeli market research landscape.

Our promise

We provide a rare balance – providing the scope and resources you need to undertake an ambitious market research project in Israel, yet being of a size that gives you flexibility and close personal attention.

Best of all, we apply a multi-model methodology to our projects. This means that you benefit from optimized data collection methods and reduced total survey error within the available time and budget. You get the most cost-effective solution possible.

Quality of data

You receive the most credible and accurate data that is possible to collect.

Level of support

Every research stage is closely monitored and you are kept fully informed.


In technology, knowledge and expertise you’ll rely on uncompromising standards.



Ziv Stern- Chief Executive Officer

From the CEO

I’m fortunate to have experienced the services of data collection services from both sides of the desk. During my professional life as a marketer on the customer side I was always suspicious of the reliability of data collected over the Internet.

Once I crossed over to the supplier side, I determined to establish standards that would no longer bring such data collection into question. My central strategy at PanelView has therefore been to establish methods that ensure ultimate accuracy and reliability in any of the data collection methods used.

Consequently we’ve developed our unique multi-modal strategy and invested large resources to establish procedures that assure professional and trustworthy online panels for our clients. We hope that we can serve you too.

Ziv Stern / CEO PanelView

Other group members


Meida Shivuki C.I.

Meida Shivuki is one of Israel’s largest market research and consumer surveys companies, with a 20-year track record. It employs 300 staff and 60 research professionals, including operations researchers, statisticians, business managers, and psychologists.  The company is a member of ESOMAR and the Israeli Association of Research Institutes

logo market watch

Market Watch

Market Watch is a full service agency and part of Ipsos, the global market research company. The company offers a broad range of qualitative and quantitative research services. It runs around 500 focus groups per year and uses advanced techniques such as neuro-marketing research. Market Watch is an household name in Israel.

MDR logo


MDR is a leader in the development of new research technologies. The company is currently focused on developing innovative neuro-marketing research technology that can be implemented within consumer panels for the first time in order to achieve quick, reliable and cost-effective results.