Emotions measurement

analyze emotional responses

In cooperation with RealEyes, PanelView provides a unique service that measures and analyzes the emotional responses of people as they look at creative materials such as adverts, video clips, and even packaging and concepts.

Realeyes diagram

A new dimension of measurement

Being able to assess consumers’ non-verbal reaction to video content is a huge bonus for market researchers, since so many buying decisions are triggered by emotion. Now there’s a way to measure this. Instead of asking people their opinion, you can observe it.

More effective videos

Using RealEyes technology, PanelView records the emotional response of audiences to content through the lens of their webcam. The inputs allow brands, agencies and media companies to improve the impact of their video campaigns.

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Better creative selection

The application of emotions measurement leads to better creativity in the development of video products – indicating what works and what doesn’t. A video that scores well will attract people’s attention and pave its way.

Monitored progress

Emotions measurement helps you assess how the target audience reacts to your content throughout the campaign lifecycle. You can detect changing attitudes or fatigue. You can back the winners and cull the losers with pre-launch testing.

emotion diagram

How emotions measurement works

This is behavioral data, captured on webcam during an everyday viewing experience. People view your content at home, on their own computer and using their own webcam. There’s no gadgetry.


The recorded data is sent to an automated facial coding platform that stores degrees of ‘viewer engagement’ – happy, sad, scared, confused, disgusted, surprised.


Results are presented in near real time.


Researchers can customize the views, segment the data and benchmark the performance of single videos or entire campaigns.

emothion diagram 3