Marketing Survey Services

PanelView provides one of the most comprehensive services for any market research body seeking to probe the Israeli market in detail. Our appeal comes from having all data collection tools under one roof and our ability to formulate the services mix according to need.

data collection tools

Complete research tools

The key factors in any research project are time, cost and coordination between the various tools. PanelView with its group members control every aspect of market research. This includes CAWI, CAMI, CATI and Face-to-Face interviews. By working together and with you, we give you drive.
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Multi-mode methodology

This is frequently used at PanelView to achieve the best results by compensating for the weaknesses of each individual mode. When we balance cost-effective methods and optimal (more expensive and time-consuming) methods we can achieve the correct trade-off between performance, costs and errors – the ‘best affordable’ approach.

Multi-mode methodology advantages

  • Reaches more respondents with greater flexibility and detail
  • Cross-references the data, reduces gaps and increases response rate
  • Reduces non-sampling errors and enhances data reliability
Multi mode methodology
Emotion check

New: Measuring emotional reactions

You can register exactly what your audience is feeling, by measuring their emotional reactions from any webcam.

Working together with RealEyes, PanelView offers a unique service that measures and analyzes people’s responses as they look at creative material.

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Professional services

PanelView clients enjoy close support by a dedicated Project Manager, who is contactable at all hours, even with time differences between countries. The fact that PanelView is a lean and non-bureaucratic company means that we all move forward quicker.

Programming & hosting

We handle html, survey programming and hosting so that you can focus on the larger issues.

Questionnaires & samples

You can outsource us to formulate your questionnaires and build survey samples.

Translation & localization

We'll adapt your research to Hebrew, Arabic and Russian, with outputs in Word, Excel or PDF formats.

Omnibus & overnight services

We run a weekly Omnibus survey that can give you results 24 hours after the data is collected - a snapshot view.

Data processing

Outsource your data processing to us for a rapid and high quality output.

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