CATI – Phone Interviews

CATI – Phone Interviews

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) is a powerful tool to reach hard-to-get audiences, connect with businesses and expand on preset questions.

Phone interview

Effective phone calls

With 60 call stations we can undertake fast and effective telephone surveys. Our interviewers are skilled at passing gatekeepers and leading respondents to other research methods such as Internet (CAWI) interviews.

Wide reach

Our large capacity assures you unique flexibility and freedom of action. We undertake thorough telephone coverage of any defined sector of the Israeli public, no matter how specific.

Probing special groups

The Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) community and the Arab population are two specific groups where the telephone is sometimes more effective than the computer. Moreover, interviewers need a special mind-set to approach such groups.

business man

Attuned to business

If your targets are businesses or professionals, then CATI is the way to reach them. Our team is experienced in B2B areas and has the skills to persuade gatekeepers of the value in reaching and engaging the final respondents.

Phone and Web

For busy business people and professionals, the best approach is often to deliver the first explanation over the phone and then send a link to complete a CAWI survey online. It’s a better use of their limited time.

Satisfaction and service

Surveys into customer service and satisfaction, conducted over the phone are an ideal opportunity to gain unique, open-ended insights. We work to customized calling times and an organized callback schedule.

Multi-lingual interviewing

Our staff includes interviewers with fluency in Israel’s four main languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian. These dedicated interviewers – all long-term career-builders – are the core of our success.

multi lingual receptionist
interview skills

It’s all about interviewing skills

Telephone interviewing is specialized work. It demands a mastery of technique, psychology, voice control and subject flow. You’ll be reassured that our interviewers know this. Before they work in CATI they undergo a thorough training process. This gives them the expertise to bond better with respondents, deal with information gatekeepers and capture important data.

Data processing services

CATI script set-up and programming

Pre-testing and remote monitoring

Statistical analysis

Sample processing and procurement

Call recording and predictive dialing

Tabulation and reporting