CAWI – Online Panel


Our CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) consumer panel is one of the largest, most authentic and reliable available to you in Israel for online date collection.

Scope and accuracy

The attributes of our online panel give you a true view into Israeli society, with the ability to gain valuable opinions from highly specific groups.

Large panel size

You benefit from a large panel size comprising more than 50,000 participants. Such a large resource allows us to complete quota cell rapidly and work with reasonable sample sizes – even for highly defined searches that have low incidence rates.

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Credible respondents

To ensure that responses are valid and credible, we monitor our panelists’ behavior in numerous ways. We conduct a strict enforcement policy (‘three strikes and you’re out’) where panellists are removed after repeated behavioural violations.

Detailed selection

Your sample can be highly profiled, even for ultra-specific, low-incidence target groups. We use a range of demographic and behavioral attributes that include age, gender, location, income, ethnicity, household size, marital status, education, life style, buying preferences and more.

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Balanced data sets

The fact that our online panel represents the Israeli population and fits the population census means that you can rely on superior and well-balanced data sets.

Our panel advantages

Authentication safeguards

Credibility is safeguarded at the registration, management and monitoring stages.Our panel management procedures include sophisticated controls to confirm a panellist's unique identity and identify fraudulent respondents.Low-quality responders are identified by looking for speeders, one-liners, suspicious open-end responses and more.


Many respondents today are attuned primarily to their mobile devices and therefore you'll find us fully configured to serve this essential market sector.Our surveys are totally adaptive to the smartphone or tablet screen.

Panelists stay fresh

Ongoing multi-stage recruitment keeps panelists flowing in, while incentive programs keep them engaged to the end and ensure higher quality responses.We carefully monitor and pace all panelists to prevent their overuse and fatigue.

Clear benefits


A wide variety of panelists who stay credible and motivated


Thorough coverage of all society sectors and locations around Israel


Careful and attentive monitoring of panel at all stages and times


Blending large resources with agility – your ideal-sized partner