Face-to-Face Interviews

Face-to-face interviews

In specific cases the face-to-face (FTF) interview can add a highly qualitative edge to the total research effort. This is especially useful when there’s a need to elaborate and use visual aids or run sensory tests.

face to face interview

Optimizing the personal contact

The greatest value in FTF interviews comes from careful preparation and skilled contact by highly trained interviewers. The quality inputs can give you unmatched perceptions into the opinions and preferences of the respondents.

Reach difficult audiences

Some audiences in Israel, such as Ultra-Orthodox Jews and Arabs, are hard to interview. In such cases, an additional methods may be justified – the personal interview.

Old people
sensory tests

Sensory research

Gaining feedback to tastes, smells or other senses can only be done in a face-to-face context, usually in malls, stores or other open places. It’s the ultimate public test.

Use of stimulus material

Face-to-face sessions are often exploited to include hard-copy materials such as photographs, prompt cards or show cards that stimulate and encourage responses.

Stimulus tools
long sessions

Longer, open-ended sessions

These research initiatives provide the opportunity to probe respondents with supplementary open-ended questions. Personal interviews can run for longer as people relax while expressing longer opinions.

Gaining an edge

Adapt the interviewer

By adapting the interviewer to the respondents (such as Arab questioning Arabs) it is easier to gain participation and stimulate information flow.

Hold attention

Respondents in a personal contact situation are far more likely to be focused on the subject and not distracted, as can happen with other research tools.

Use tablets

The use of tablets for FTF purposes has expanded greatly in recent years, since they can utilize a pre-programed surveys as well as display countless still images and videos.

Choose online or offline

The survey can be uploaded to a laptop or tablet or run over an Internet browser. If Internet access is problematic in a chosen location, preloaded surveys can still be used.