The fields we serve

PanelView and its group is distinguished by being the only data collection company in Israel to offer such an extensive set of research tools. These attributes and our extensive cumulative expertise have brought us a long list of premium customers at home and abroad, involved in a range of fields.

culturalResearchers can investigate similarities and differences based on attributes such as location, economic status, ethnicity, religious beliefs and social background.
marketingAreas covered include brand position and performance, competitor status, performance of marketing initiatives, advertising effectiveness, identification of prime consumer needs and target market analysis.
consumerIn-depth consumer analysis includes brand awareness, buyer loyalty and defection issues, the effectiveness of visual marketing materials and tracking shoppers’ real-time decision making processes.
politicsSocial surveys includes topics such as minorities and identity, inequality of society sectors and migration issues. Other topics covered are political opinions, voting intentions, economic trends and more.
universityOverseas universities and academic institutions probing Israel use our services for projects such as analysis of industries and business fields, emerging business directions and technology trends.
Israel market

Planning research in Israel? How well do you know us?

For a population that now exceeds 8 million, Israeli society is remarkably diverse. There are endless blind alleys and wrong turnings. That’s why it’s so important to undertake marketing research with a company like ours with the breadth and depth to take you where you need to go.

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Reaching into Israel

For international market research companies

We have co-operation agreements with numerous international market research firms, who use us for collecting data in the local market.

For global data collection firms

When a data collection firm operates its online panels around the world, but does not yet include Israel, PanelView's extensive online panel will close the gap.

For international brands

Marketers of leading international brands see Israel as a vibrant export market and use our services to assist market entry and to improve their position here.

For universities

Many of the most prestigious universities and academic centres around the world use us to gain qualitative insights into Israeli attitudes, preferences and approaches.

For organizations and institutes

We assist groups of every kind, including social and political institutes, government institutes and NGOs.